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Council on American-Islamic Relations, Michigan Chapter (CAIR-MI)


CAIR-MI has been in existence for nine years with its office located in Southfield, Michigan. As a non-profit organization, CAIR works hard as a civil rights and advocacy group to support, defend and empower Muslims in Michigan. With its main headquarters in Washington, CAIR-MI is part of a nationwide effort to lift American Muslims socially and politically by focusing on constitutional rights.

With the help of a Media Outreach Team, CAIR-MI works with local and national media to help reshape the image of Muslims in America by eliminating negative media and reinforcing positive media coverage of Islam and Muslims. CAIR also uses an Action Alert system to send out information on pressing issues that need attention from Muslim groups.

Through internships, conferences, seminars and workshops, CAIR-MI educates the larger population about Islam and Muslims. These educational sessions aim to inform Americans of pressing Islamic issues and customs that may need accommodation in different places. Accommodations may include allowing workers to take prayer breaks, wear the Islamic head dress (hijab) in the workplace, and/or respect Muslims observing fasting in Ramadan.

Training is also available for Muslim groups needing assistance in public speaking, media relations, and civil rights through the Presenting Islam to Fellow Americans program.

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