Detroit Mosque Hosts Weekly Soup Kitchen

By Faiz Ahmed

Executive Director of the Detroit Muslim Mission, Mitchell Shamsuddin, has operated a soup kitchen for two decades from two Mosques,currently using Masjid Wali Muhammed as the base of operations. As a social activist and community leader, Shamsuddin has devoted his life to mentally and emotionally uplift those in poverty.

The mosque was establishedin the 1930s by Wallace Fard Muhammad and TheHonorable Elijah Mohammed. It was known as Mohammed’s Mosque No.1. It was renamed by ImamWarith Deen Muhammad when he assumed leadership of the Nation of Islam. Located off of Linwood Ave. in Detroit, the mosque is a center for religious activity, with a social reform message, and social services.

Mitchell Shamsuddin

Mitchell Shamsuddin

Individuals and families in need line up inside the mosque to pick up boxes of household provisions including toiletries, baby supplies, and canned foods. Boxes are distributed by priority to households with children, seniors, and unemployed adults. The Detroit Muslim Mission distributes around 3,600 food boxes every year. The soup kitchen provides meals to those in need from the Detroit community every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Food is distributed inside the mosque for children and adults of all ages.

The Detroit Muslim Mission is to break the feeling of helpnesses for Detroit residents below the poverty line.

The soup kitchen runs with volunteers from the Detroit Muslim Mission and the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA).

The Detroit Muslim Mission aims to extend the days per week the soup kitchen operates. More volunteers and funding will be needed to accommodate the growing number of participants at the soup kitchen.

Patrons of the Soup kitchen

Patrons of the Soup kitchen

The soup kitchen is federally funded through the City of Detroit, food donations by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and money from community members during fundraisers.

Shamsuddin, a man of great patience and strong will, takes on the task of mentally, morally, socially, and economically uplifting the community with ease.

“We are motivated to help people as an expression of our faith,” Shamsuddin said.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact Mitchell Shamsuddin at

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